We entertain!

Czech Garrison was on Sunday, December 8th invited to a private birthday party as part of the program.

We help!

On August 25th, 2012 five of our members in costumes went to visit the Pediatric Oncology Department in Brno to support young patients in the toughest fight of their lives.

We promote!

At our booth , visitors of Boys Show could engage in “stamp competition” for prizes by answering questions about the Star Wars movies


13th Jun 2014

New member – Truxik

Ranks of Imperial officers were expanded today by Veronika Truxová alias Truxik coming in the red uniform of Director of Imperial Intelligence Ysanne Isard.
13th Jun 2014

New member – Eva

Another new member is Eva Scheibingerová with costume of Maris Brood from The Force Unleashed.
3rd Jun 2014

New Member - Kaďous

Karel Cerny alias Kaďous comes from our sister organization Lion Base and he restores balance to the Force, as he switches from a Jedi costume to an Imperial officer uniform.
5th May 2014

New member - DarthHomer

We are delighted that we are still growing. Today, after many years of service and troubles with costume, David Hofmann alias DarthHomer became an official member as the bounty hunter Boba Fett.



The Czech Garrison is one of the "outposts" of the 501st Legion serving the Czech Republic. It brings together fans with accurate costumes of "bad guys" from the Star Wars universe, who devote their time to charity and promotional activities.


Latest events

Maturantka Roku

Maturantka Roku - 14th Jun 2014

Czech Garrison was again involved in charity event "trail for children", held as part of the nationwide competition "Maturantka roku" (high school beauty contest) in Ceske Budejovice. The event took place in the interior of the shopping center IGY wh...
Hollywood in Prague

Hollywood in Prague - 9th Jun 2014

Czech Garrison was invited by our sister organizations Lion Base to a concert titled Hollywood in Prague in Hybernia Theatre in downtown Prague. Bohemian Symphony Orchestra Prague played a series of famous film melodies, which were dominated mainly b...
Komiksový den

Komiksový den - 31st May 2014

On Saturday, May 31st, 2014, the Czech Garrison, along with Lion Base, participated on the event called Comic day in Zlute lazne in Prague. Visitors enjoyed sunny afternoon in the company of our members in Star Wars costumes and also other superheroe...